Please Read these are your  Legal Charter Obligations :-  click here

Code of Conduct
Below are the minimum standards of behaviour that the Director of Liquor Licensing expects of  all Party Bus  patrons.
Responsibilities of all Patrons
Patrons travelling with / on The Booze Bus 
- Must produce upon request appropriate  proof of age documentation at the time of pick-up 
- Must not bring Glass drinking Vessels on the vehicle
- Must not smoke on the vehicle
- Must not take Alcohol off the vehicle during the course of the trip
- Must not any any stage while travelling on or disembarking from the vehicle:
    - Must not Behave in a manner likely to distract the driver of the vehicle
    - Must not Urinate in a public place?including a street, lane, alleyway or doorway
    - Must not  litter?including empty drink containers, food wrappings or cigarette butts
    - Must not Vandalise any property whatsoever
    - Must not make unreasonable excessive noise
    - Must not Bring, consume or distribute illegal drugs.
    - Must not Behave in a violent or aggressive manner towards Staff or any other member of the public
    - Must not Behave in an indecent or offensive manner to others

    - Must Comply with all directions given by Staff whilst on charter


    - Have a SAFE & GREAT night out

? Must comply with all directions by Police officers or compliance inspectors, including
a direction to produce proof of age documentation.


Under the Summary Offences Act 1966,
It is an offence to be drunk or drunk and disorderly in a public place.
In addition, the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 prohibits:
? Underage drinking
? Anti-Social behaviour in and around licensed premises 
? Disturbance of the neighbourhood amenity
? Refusing a direction by a police member or compliance Inspector
Patrons who do not comply with the LiquorControl Reform Act 1998 may be guilty of an offence and issued an infringement notice
or be ordered by a court to pay a fine.